A podcast focusing on Philosophy both classical and martial, case studies on self defense use of firearms, Second Amendment History, Training, Industry guests and more.  In an industry saturated with firearms and  self-defense podcasts, Eric and Aaron Davis, and Brian Schilt add a much needed change to this extremely edifying platform.  The EvoSec Crew focuses on what they are doing to get better at what is most important. They provide filtered and relevant information helping you become more safe in this dangerous world.  They also bring out the human element from themselves and their guests so that the  listener can also learn information not typically tabled in this genre.  The EvoSec crew closes out each episode with their accountability of the week, which is what they did to get better this week.  Lastly they provide a shooting drill of the week to enable the audience to become better and safer shooters.   Please join us. 

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EvoSec Essentials 2   To listen to Episode 17 click here.

This week the EvoSec crew discusses what they believe to be the most important priorities as it relates to the Defense/Protector Lifestyle.  This is the second installment enumerating the next 5 priorities in order of precedence.

Per our discussion on the show regarding basic trauma medicine knowledge: Download the TCCC FM This is open to the public and is encouraged to be pushed out.


For medical training and additional information on the subject, please visit the experts websites below.

Dr. Sherman House Civilian Defender  


Dark Angel Medical – Kerry Davis


Lone Star Medic – Caleb Causey



Episode 16  Jason Kelly 2 – C2T2   To listen to Ep 16 click here

This show we welcome back Jason Kelly of @C2T2_training and @wrestlerj on Instagram.  Please go to his face book at C2T2 to checkout what he does and his upcoming events in your neck of the woods.  Jason was the American Top Team’s first wrestling coach, and has coached multiple national and world champions from wrestling to Jiu-Jitsu.  More importantly for those of us on the self-defense path, his weapons and combatives instruction is world class and life saving. 

For more information on Jason Kelly look him up on Instagram @wrestlerj and c2t2_training and Facebook C2T2 Training


Episode 15 – Cecil Burch – Immediate Action Combatives  To listen to Ep 15 click here

Cecil Burch is a like long martial artist training in a multitude of systems for over 40 years. Some of the systems have been Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts under Dan Inosanto and Paul Vunak, he has trained in Thaiboxing, western boxing, Sevate and Pentjak Silat and many more. Currently Cecil’s primary focus is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in which he has a Black Belt under the legendary Megaton Diaz. Furthermore Cecil is an avid shooter and is a part of the Shivworks Collective which is a scholarship of the finest minds in integrated martial arts, combining combative sports modalities with force on force stress inoculation using sims guns and training blades to pressure test those modalities. Cecil and the EvoSec crew talk about the primary systems folks should be training in for a complete defensive package, what Cecil’s personal training looks like and more.

Please visit Cecil’s website to contact him or for more information.



Episode 14 – Mike Seeklander – American Warrior Society To listen to Ep 14 click here

Owner of Shooting Performance and the American Warrior Society (AWS); Mike is a Marine (Retired), former Federal Air Marshal and FAMS Firearms instructor, and a former police officer. He is a Professional shooter sponsored by Wilson Combat, and just won the 2019 IDPA World Championships and continues to shoot at the highest levels in the world. He is heavily into combatives, Jiu-Jitsu, fitness, medical, self-education, he has the complete defensive package. He and his partner Rich brown have one of the best self-defense podcasts in the industry, please subscribe to the American Warrior Show on your preferred platforms.

Episode 13   –  Craig Douglas – Shivworks – ECQC  To listen to Episode 13 click here

“The real life Tyler Durden”

This week we are extremely excited to have Craig Douglas of Shivworks on the show. Craig is the father of the real life “Fight Club” with a gun or knife. His course work Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC) has changed the lives of countless people throughout the US and around the world. This show we discuss the details of the course and hit on the experience that the EvoSec crew had in the recent Olympia ECQC that they hosted 13-15 Sep 2019.

ECQC typically enlightens the patron that there is so much more to a defensive use of a weapon then the weapon itself; fight avoidance, an inoculated mind (to violence), fitness and wrestling skills are likely far more important. This point is driven hard in this monumental interview. The crew also discuss the details of Craig’s other flagship course Armed Movement inside Structures (AMIS). This class is a deep dive into one of the worst case scenarios in a self-defense, the solo movement and negotiation of a structure with the possibility of armed assailants inside said structure.

In addition for those that know Craig, we go into some really interesting discussions have have likely never been aired before.

Fore more details on Craig’s course work and his class schedule please visit his website at www.shivworks.com/

Episode 12  Spencer Keepers      To listen to Episode 12 click here

This week on the Evolution Security Podcast we welcome Spencer Keepers. Spencer is the lead instructor for Awareness Defense Training and also the founder and owner of Keepers Concealment where he is the leading innovator in the development of the modern Appendix Inside the Waste Band (AIWB) holster. He is an accomplished shooter and instructor who just recently was the first person to be awarded Gabe White’s Turbo Pin. He continues to train himself under Craig Douglas of Shivworks, Tom Givens of Range Master, Ernest Langdon, Mike Seeklander, Kyle Defoor, and many more. Below are just a few of his instructor certifications:

  • Oklahoma Shooting Skills (Will Andrews; Oklahoma City, OK)
  • RangeMaster (Tom Givens; Memphis TN)
  • RangeMaster Advanced Firearms Instructor Development Course (2010, 2011, 2013, & 2018)
  • Defense Training International (John Farnam; Ft. Collins, CO)
  • NRA Handgun Instructor
  • CLEET – SDA Instructor
  • Please visit his website for training opportunities and to purchase any of his world class holsters.  http://keepersconcealment.com/ 

Drill of the week credit to the late Todd Green of Pistol-Training.com.  http://pistol-training.com/drills/the-fast

Episode 11 – William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting

Click here to listen to Episode 11

William is a licensed mental health professional with over 15 years experience across the continuum of care. He presently maintains a private practice and consultancy specializing in post-traumatic interventions and other disciplines.

William is a former deputy sheriff (Orleans Parish, LA, Criminal Sheriff’s Office) and Special Deputy US Marshal (Eastern District of Louisiana). He is a decorated competitive shooter and has taught civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel in various fighting skills since 1990.

William maintains an active schedule both as student and teacher, having been instructor-rated by several top-tier trainers and studying under many of the most influential members of the combative arts community.

Under the auspices of Aprill Risk Consulting, William has presented his material on violent criminals and their decision-making, defensive incident aftermath, mindset development and defensive preparedness locally and nationally, including at the Annual Conference  of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), Rangemaster Tactical Conference, Tactical Response Alumni Weekend, and at Paul-E-Palooza, the memorial conference and fundraiser for the family of the late Paul Gomez.

William Aprill brings a diverse, vast, and vitally important skill set to the field of self-preservation. He has studied interpersonal violence from the perspective of a cop, an armed citizen, a martial artist, a shooting instructor, and through the lens of his scientific training. He has interviewed and researched hundreds of violent criminals and reduced the data obtained into an easily understandable paradigm.

William is also a gifted instructor with an excellent sense of humor and insight into the context of the armed citizen, law enforcement, and military student.  ARC classes should be mandatory for anyone interested in self protection.

Podcast 4:  “The Way is in Training.”  with Chris Leblanc

This week we interview decorated SWAT officer Chris Leblanc.  Chris is a martial arts and firearms instructor focusing in interdisciplinary systems focusing on the weapons based grappling range, and revolving around his passion for tradition BuJitsu. 

Click here to listen to Podcast 4

Podcast 3 Jiu-Jitsu “The Gentle Art” Arguably the most important physical attribute

This week we discuss why being aware of your surroundings while pumping gas can mean the difference between life or death.  We also discuss what we believe is likely the most important physical attribute to have in a personal defensive package/paradigm;  Jiu-Jitsu.  We cover a brief history and how it has affected us personally.  In addition we talk gear; Carry belts and how important it is to make a smart purchase.   

Listen to Podcast 3 Click Here

Evolution Security Podcast 2:  You are what you do – Jason Kelly

Listen to Podcast 2 Click Here

The Evolution Security Podcast Episode 1:  The Evolution

Click here to listen: Episode 1