This class is combining our 8hr Defensive Pistol Course and our 8 hr Combatives and Weapons Integration courses.

Instructors: Eric and Aaron Davis

For Tickets:  Defensive Pistol and Combatives and Weapons Integration Course

The Live Fire Pistol work will be at a Private range. 8 am to 1200 noon – Recommend packing lunch to eat on way to second venue each day (roughly a 40 min drive).

Combatives will be at in Tulsa OK.

10125 S Sheridan Suite B , Tulsa OK 74133

For any questions you may have email us @

Additional details for both segments below:

Evosec Defensive Pistol

This course is an 8 hr level 1 pistol course focusing on a fundamental defensive pistol platform from the holster moving into dynamic shooting principles. Even though marksmanship is covered, it is a class that is more about marksmanship and gun handling skills from a fighting perspective. You will leave this class having a solid shooting platform and capable of defending yourself and/or a loved one in the event of a violent encounter.

Some of the covered curriculum

Cardinal Safety (life) Rules, Stance/Grip, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, The most important defensive shooting skill – Proper Concealed Carry Draw – Note: This class will start with shirts tucked in for non-concealed draw and will progress into concealment. Reloads – Admin and Speed/Emergency, Basic Malfunction clearance, Strong Hand Only and Support Hand only firing solutions, Extreme Close Quarters Firing Solutions – For 0 to 3 feet entangled fights, Proper Practice – To include a safe and highly effective Dry Practice program (no ammo needed).

Instructor bio and equipment list below: –

Lead instructor Eric Davis has studied martial arts for 35 years and 25 years as an instructor. Army veteran with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Holds Basic and Advanced Instructor certifications under Rangemaster/Tom Givens. IDPA, 2 and 3 gun competitor. Coach in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Instructor/black belt in Jeet Kune Do Concepts under Terry Gibson, and Apprentice Instructor II in Thai Boxing under Argain Chai Sirisute. Continuous advanced combatives and firearms training under Craig Douglas, Cecil Burch, Paul Sharp of the Shivworks Collective, Mike Brown, Travis Haley, Jeff Gonzales ,James Yeager, and Cliff Byerly.

Lead instructor Aaron Davis holds instructor certifications from the NRA and Rangemaster/TomGivens at the Basic and Advanced Level. Tallying over a decade of firearms and combatives training under Eric Davis, Craig Douglas, Cecil Burch, Paul Sharp, William Aprill of the Shivworks Collective, Mike Brown, Spencer Keepers, Travis Haley and Cliff Byerly.

Eric and Aaron are also the hosts of the Evolution Security Podcast.

Equipment list:

Eye and Ear protection Electronic Ear pro is preferred but not a must.

Eye Pro should be wrap around type, if wearing glasses prefer side shields.


-3 magazines (min) or loaders if using revolver. If only have 2 mags we will make work

-300 rounds of ammo

-Holster (that fits your pistol) Note: We will be drawing from tucked in shirt at first and then move to drawing from concealment as class progresses.

– NOTE: No Serpa holsters (or any holster that uses a trigger finger release) unless the retention button has been removed.

-Quality Belt

-Wet weather jacket

-Mag Carrier – Note if you do not have one that is also ok but preferable. If for some reason you do not

have a mag carrier, you can reload from your pocket. (Will show preferred method).

-Lunch, Snacks and water. We will eat lunch on site.


-Folding Chair is a big plus for lectures and breaks.

-Note Book and Pin

Open Mind – You may decide to not use our techniques but we ask that you give them a try for duration of class and discard after.

Bonus items:

Two hand or medium size towels – one for wetting to keep cool in hot environment and second for being able to keep hands dry during training.

Medical/Trauma Kit (Instructor will have one on site, but always good to have).

SIRT Pistol or Blue gun trainer pistol

Ball cap or hat

Combatives and Weapons Integration

This is a 8 hr course that provides the client with a foundational understanding of self protection techniques and tactics that can prepare you for dealing with and surviving violent assault. The class has a foundation in wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu and is for any practitioner of any body type or age. This course is on the physical side but is light enough that anyone can participate.


MUC – Managing Unknown Contacts – this specific curriculum comes from Craig Douglas of Shivworks with his permission and is likely the most important part of the class. It teaches you how to manage encroachment of unknown individuals in a street environment, malignant or benign. Key to this is awareness, and verbalization and de-escalation techniques that help you avoid conflict. These techniques and tactics will likely help you be deselected as a victim in the first place. You win every fight you avoid.

Default Position – Dealing with a sucker punch, Basic clinch wrestling for weapons based environment , How to draw a weapon in an entangled fight, Basics of dealing with a knife attack – Grounded – exposure to being grounded, how to move and maintain distance, and how to properly get up during an altercation, Basic escapes from the bottom.

Validation – There will be two Evolutions (Evos) validating the lessons learned in the training, one will be from the standing position and one will be from the ground both in a weapons based environment. Instructors will maintain that this is light (30-40% max effort) and not full contact for safety, the intent is to learn, build confidence, and affirm what the client has learned during the course.


Street Clothes

Holster and Blue Gun (if client does not have we can loan)

Mouth piece and cup (males)

Trainer knife (also can be loaned)



Leaving Ego at the door and an open mind.

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