We will be offering our 8 hr Defensive Pistol I class 11 June 2022 outside of Fort Bragg NC.   For Tickets go to Eventbrite link below or go to Eventbrite and search for EvoSec Defensive Pistol.  Reference below summary of the course.

EvoSec Defensive Pistol Class 11 June 2022

This course is an 8 hr level 1 pistol course focusing on a fundamental defensive pistol platform from the holster moving into dynamic shooting principles. Even though marksmanship is covered, it is a class that is more about marksmanship and gun handling skills from a fighting perspective. You will leave this class having a solid shooting platform and capable of defending yourself and/or a loved one in the event of a violent encounter.

Some of the covered curriculum

Cardinal Safety (life) Rules


Fundamentals of Marksmanship

The most important defensive shooting skill – Proper Concealed Carry Draw – Note: This class will start with shirts tucked in for non-concealed draw and will progress into concealment.

Reloads – Admin and Speed/Emergency

Basic Malfunction clearance

Strong Hand Only and Support Hand only firing solutions

Extreme Close Quarters Firing Solutions – For 0 to 3 feet entangled fights

Proper Practice – To include a safe and highly effective Dry Practice program (no ammo needed)

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