As discussed on Episode 101 with Chris Lapre on Home Defense:

These are some of our recommendations regarding home defense hardening and a few basic tactics.

The Basic Axiom:

Deterrence – Detection – Denial – Stronghold 

These are all in order of priority –  

Deterrence is likely the number 1 tactic.  If your home looks like the hardest target in the neighborhood and/or simply looks like it is a hard target, it is 95% chance criminals will choose another location.  So other then the reinforcement of your doors, focus first on deterrence.  

  1. Denial:  Reinforce the front door.  The front door is by and large the MOST used entry into your home by burglars.  Probably the easiest option and likely the best option is this door kit or one like it.  It comes with all the hardware that is needed including the longer screws.  

Note:  Another point of entry is also the garage door.  The red pull cable on your garage door track that releases the door under obstruction.  It is best to remove it.  You can also pull it will pliers if needed.  Criminals can use a door hanger and simply pull it to gain access to your garage.  This is why we should never leave our garage entry door unlocked even if garage is closed.  Also at night if you have an electric lock on your garage door panel, use it at night as min or when the door is not needed.  Especially if you keep your garage door openers in your vehicle.  This electric lock keeps the RF signal form opening your door.  Criminals also use spoof devices to open garage doors.  

Note:  We live in a society where we can not leave our doors and windows unlocked.  Most entry into homes is through an unlocked door or window.  If it is not a habit already, make sure that all doors and windows stay locked 24/7.  

Armor Concepts Door Armor Max Door Reinforcement kit.  Or any kit similar.  

2.  At a minimum go to Lowes or Home Depot or your local hardware store and replace your hinges and your kick plate screws with 3-4 inch wooden screws.  You can take one of your screws out of your hinges as an example so that you can replace with same type screw.  This is huge since if criminals do not come in via an unlocked door, they usually will kick the door in.  

3. Deterrence:  Lighting is Crucial.  Bad guys do not like to be seen, and they do not like approaching targets that are illuminated.   It’s important to have lights on all around your house every night.  Preferably flood lights that are on all four corners.   This is also important for when you may be away, if lights are left on all the time, it can tell the bad guy you may be gone.  Timers can be installed and is preferable. 

For the corners of your home, Security lights.  You can request install as well.  

In addition, sensor activated security lights at points of entry or as we call them points of ingress.

4. Detection/Denial: Alarm, cameras and alarm signs and window stickers.  Believe it or not the signs and stickers are a huge deterrence.   If you do not any solid local company will be good.  Or you can do a DYI  with simply safe as an option.  

CPI is a decent well known company, they can install alarms and cameras

DYI Camer Kits  SMONET Cameras 

Door Stops 

Also Simply safe has DIY kits or professionally instals as well. 

5. Have multiple signs visible on all sides of your house.  

6. Beware of Dog signs:  Again, very much a great deterrence, criminals are on record saying they avoid any house with capable dogs.  Better yet, have the signs and the dog.  

7. Denial:  Window film to protect from break-ins and also help with energy efficiency;

8. If you have a fence, private or otherwise, if you can have locks on the fence it’s a good call, or one more basic denial.  I like having the lock on the inside so that if you have to egress your property through the fence you can unlock it form the inside.  

9.  Fire Ladders, for fire or for egress incase of home invasion.

10. Strongpoint:  In the case of a home invasion when you or a family member is home, even if you are armed, it is best not to go searching for an intruder.  It is best to stronghold in a designated safe room. This can be and likely will be the master bedroom.  If you have kids in the house, you may have to b-line to your kids, and strongpoint in one of there rooms.

11.  REHEARSE!!  You must rehearse responses to home invasions and make sure that your family understands their roles and what your courses of action may be to a certain scenario.  This is no different than Force on Force training in law enforcement and military or a Shivworks ECQC, you must pressure test your home defense.

Bonus:  The Grey Man Brief’s per Chris’s recommendation.

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