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If your family is trying to figure out what to do since gyms and martial arts studios are remaining closed, there are plenty of ways for everyone to keep up with their training until it’s time to return to the studio. In fact, you can create your own in-home martial arts studio! Not only will that help you stay fit but adding a multifunctional room to your home could raise your home’s appraisal value, as well. 

Keep in mind that there are many advantages to pursuing in-person training with a qualified instructor that you can’t get from practicing at home. However, to keep up with your martial arts training until you can return to in-person instruction, these resources presented by Evolution Security provide plenty of guidance on picking the right space and outfitting your new studio. 

How to Train from a Distance

Before you get started, keep in mind that training at home will look different, and it helps to prepare your children for the changes. 

  • Before you start practicing, you need to set goals for yourself.
  • To stay healthy and keep up with your training at home, it’s a good idea to enroll in online classes and programs offered by Evolution Security. 
  • Build a daily routine and stick to it to get the best results from at-home training.
  • Eat food that will fuel your hobby. Pack your diet with protein and healthy fats.

Designate a Space

Are you wondering which room is right for your studio? If you still need some assistance, these guides will help you decide on the perfect location. 

  • Consider remodeling your basement and using it as a training space. 
  • You can even turn your attic into a valuable in-home gym. There are often many unused spaces in your home. Be creative!

Outfit Your Studio

Once you have a studio, it’s time to get your kids ready to work out with the right gear! Here’s how to make smart purchases while shopping for equipment. 

  • When putting together your martial arts studio, floor mats are essential to the safety of you and your children. Choose the best mat for the style of martial arts you’re working with.
  • There are several types of punching bags. Do more research before deciding which one is best for your purposes.
  • You will also need to get the right gear to be successful.

No matter which style of martial arts your kids are interested in, this sport provides plenty of mental and physical health benefits. Plus, it’s undeniably fun! With these guides, you’ll be able to transform an empty space in your house into an amazing in-home studio.

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