“The real life Tyler Durden”

This week we are extremely excited to have Craig Douglas of Shivworks on the show. Craig is the father of the real life “Fight Club” with a gun or knife. His course work Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC) has changed the lives of countless people throughout the US and around the world. This show we discuss the details of the course and hit on the experience that the EvoSec crew had in the recent Olympia ECQC that they hosted 13-15 Sep 2019.

ECQC typically enlightens the patron that there is so much more to a defensive use of a weapon then the weapon itself; fight avoidance, an inoculated mind (to violence), fitness and wrestling skills are likely far more important. This point is driven hard in this monumental interview. The crew also discuss the details of Craig’s other flagship course Armed Movement inside Structures (AMIS). This class is a deep dive into one of the worst case scenarios in a self-defense, the solo movement and negotiation of a structure with the possibility of armed assailants inside said structure.

In addition for those that know Craig, we go into some really interesting discussions have have likely never been aired before.

Fore more details on Craig’s course work and his class schedule please visit his website at www.shivworks.com/

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