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ESF is a fundamentals pistol course focusing on the most crucial skills of a defensive pistol shooting platform. Ultimately there are only a few main skills that a civilian will really need in a defensive use scenario. Safe Firearms handling, combat marksmanship, a solid draw stroke from concealment, shooting from retention, basic malfunctions clearance, and an emergency reload. The client will leave the class with these fundamentals. In addition they will leave with a self-training model that they can continue to progress outside of formal training.

For any questions regarding this course please contact: crew@evosec.org

Equipment List:

  • Quality Pistol w/3 magazines min
  • Eye/Ear Pro
  • 350 rds pistol ammo
  • Quality holster -must cover trigger guard completely and must not have an active retention that is disabled by trigger finger.
  • Mag carrier
  • Good belt – made for carrying a firearm and gear
  • Blue/Orange Gun that fits holster and trainer Knives are recommended but not required.

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4 Hrs


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